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The Parable of the Big Idea

A Parable by Tanya Cothran Once day a young woman had a great idea. She looked out over the lawn that filled the communal space in her apartment complex and realized that the space was being wasted. “No one even uses the lawn, but if we were to use the space to grow vegetables instead […]

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3 Ways SIA Partners are Celebrating Earth Day Everyday

Earth Day celebrations may last over a weekend but what about the long-term? Here are three examples of Spirit in Action partners promoting techniques that benefit the earth and their communities: 1. Intercropping in Malawi Have you heard about the Three Sisters? Beans, squash, and corn grown together get the blue ribbon in the intercropping […]

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The Best Kind of Leftovers

Our partners are cooking up big change in their communities and there are so many inspiring stories, photos, and quotes to share! I couldn’t fit them all in the Spring & Summer 2013 Newsletter, so today’s blog is a bit of newsletter leftover stew… (The newsletter went off to the presses yesterday but you can download a […]

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The Miracle of the Seed

Seeds are amazing things: from a tiny beginning comes growth, blossoms, and fruit. In a way, Spirit in Action is a seed that Del Anderson planted in the world. He was fascinated with the way that nurturing people and developing encouraging relationships could produce fruit far greater than what we see in a humble seed. […]

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Gardening for the Long Term

Spring is in the air all over the USA this week! To celebrate the rain and the warmer temperatures, I am reposting this discussion of agro-forestry from last April on Spirit in Action’s blog. ********************************** Our international partners working in Kenya have long recognized the value of agroecology. This type of farming system, also called […]

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