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Mbwenu, Innovator

Sometimes it’s not easy moving home. Once you’ve been out to see the world you look at home through a different lens. “We had a shock,” was the way that Mbwenu and Wangwa described it to me when I visited their home in rural Manyamula in northern Malawi. The couple had gone away to Swaziland […]

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Last post of 2013! Maize Mills Photos!

Canaan Gondwe had seen other non-profits come and go through his village in rural Malawi. Some came to build things (things that sometimes didn’t last) and some came to start programs. But Canaan had a vision for something that would last because of local involvement, because of local investment, and because of local leadership. And […]

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This Thanksgiving Say a Prayer for the World

Thanksgiving is a time to stop and reflect with gratitude all the goodness we have in our lives. This, year, I hope it will also be a time to recommit ourselves to empowering others, living compassionately, and putting God’s Spirit into action through serving and praying for the world. Here are five table graces to […]

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A multiple-choice question from Malawi

You are a small-scale farmer in rural Malawi. How would you prefer to sell the maize (corn) you harvest? Directly from the field for 15¢ per kg Milled into flour for 61¢ per kg I promise it’s not a trick question. Clearly, the answer is (b); the value added by a mill is huge, without […]

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Water for Grandmothers

Spirit in Action is honored to partner with amazing community-based organizations, run by people who are passionate and knowledgeable about sparking change in their own communities. Below is a report written by Margaret Ikiara, Founder and Program Coordinator of CIFORD Kenya, about the impact of a SIA grant on women in her community. Rebecca Ncekei is one of the grandmothers […]

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